The Battery Acid Effect is where your brains have no enzymes to metabolize meth-amphetamine.  it is not a natural product.  Meth is made out of battery acid, anti-freeze, and red Devil Lye.  you can't break this stuff down into carbon dioxide and water like you do everything else.  Your body turns it into hydroxy free radicals.  These are caustic chemicals and they eat holes in your brain.

The holes are permanent.  this brain tissue does not grow back.  You learn to work around these holes, you compensate by using other parts of the brain, but you do not replace the dead tissues.  This is serious damage to a central part of the brain.  when midbrain and pre-frontal cortex brain cell are disabled, there is o other structure in the brain that can assume their functions. The areas that process mood and emotion are destroyed, and the result is paranoia, rage, panic, delusions and hallucinations.

The areas that control coordination are damaged and the result is involuntary body movements. Panic attacks can also accompany this.  They can last for days.  Short term memory loss and learning abilities are lost. You loose the ability to feel pleasure.

When a person is off meth, the brain begins to heal itself, these functions can improve.  You learn to work around the holes and regain function.  It takes 12 to 18 months to regain your old personality, attention span, your sense of humor, your sex drive, and your appetite.


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